10 Homeware Items Worth Investing On for Home Décor Boost

In an ideal world, you could hire an interior designer and fill your home with all of the beautiful homeware pieces to provide aesthetic symmetry. However, not everyone can afford an interior designer or to buy every piece of homeware accent that would elevate your home’s interior style. This requires every homeowner to be smart about choosing where to invest their money on. Before you head to homewares stores Double Bay has to offer, you need to take note of the items on this list. These are items that would give more mileage to your investment and help you achieve your dream home interior style.

Pendant Lights

Lighting fixtures add a lot of personality into your home. And no one can achieve that better than pendant lights can. There are many style options to choose from – from elegant to rustic. Find the right pendant lighting fixture that reflects your home interior theme for maximum impact.

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Wall Art

Aside from lighting, the wall art on your home can show a lot of personality. If you can find artisanal wall art, go for that instead of the mass-produced ones.


Another type of lighting fixture that you can find in double bay homewares stores to add personality to your interior space: lamps. When placed in an entry or a corner in your living area, it can produce a beautiful accent.

Statement Furniture

It can be a statement chair or a unique sofa, look for character when investing in furniture. It can add a lot to the room!


Be careful when choosing the type of fabric on curtains and drapery from homewares stores Double Bay has. Choose ones that add a soft touch or drama for maximum styling result.


When investing in home rugs, choose ones that provide a lot of texture and color. You can go for a patterned rug for more personality. You can find a wide selection of rugs in homewares stores in Double Bay to suit your home’s inerior décor style.


Trays are a great investment as far as homewares are concerned. It can add another layer of interest to any space, particularly in your coffee table.


Scented candles are no longer used solely for aromatherapy. It can impact the mood and fragrance to your home.


The top finishing on your kitchen is a crucial factor that can impact the style of the space. If you can afford marbled tops, go for it. You can also find different colors and patterns that would suit the style you have in mind. But don’t be afraid to invest – it will be worth it!

Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential investment as far as homeware is concerned. It can be a functional and aesthetic addition to your living area. If you can find antique coffee tables, it will add more character to your home’s interior space.

There are a lot of homeware shops out there; however, only few can provide you with quality homeware pieces that will be worth investing in. To help you find homewares stores Double Bay currently has, go to http://www.transvaal-ave.com.au/double-bay-homewares-stores/.