Guide to Best Season for Diving the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most spectacular natural attractions in the world. Millions of tourists visit this part of Australia all year round to snorkel, dive or tour the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. The amazing scuba diving locations are just some of the world’s best, if not the best! If you are looking to experience a once-in-a-lifetime kind of dive, you should add Great Barrier Reef diving to your bucket list. Before you book a trip to Cairns in Australia, it is important to plan your trip ahead of time. The quality of your dive will depend largely on the season with which you choose to dive the area. Take time to learn about seasonal information in Cairns so you can also determine the best season or months of the year to scuba dive. Cairns is bordered by towering rainforests on one side while there is a coral sea on the other side. When it comes to season, there are generally two seasons in this part of Australia: wet and dry seasons. The wet season (winter and spring) is when there is a huge amount of rainfall to be expected in Cairns. The day time temperature and humidity level is expected to be higher than other times of the year. The wet season is considered a low season for Great Barrier Reef diving. Hence, even though the diving season is not ideal, it is recommended for tourists who want to snag great package deals! Meanwhile, the dry season (summer and autumn) is the ideal time of the year to dive the Great Barrier Reef. There is less rainfall and the day time temperatures are lower. In this season, however, you should expect a huge influx of tourists who want to go diving or snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. If you do not mind the crowd and would like to experience the marine life and coral system at its prime state, then you should book a trip during this season. The water temperature also impacts the quality of your diving experience. This is why it is important to evaluate the seasonal information of Cairns as this will determine the water temperature as you dive. In Cairns, the average water temperature in the summer time (December to February) is at 29 degrees. Meanwhile, the water temperature drops during winter (June to August) at 22 degrees. If you want to avoid the possibility of diving with jellyfish, however, you should avoid diving in January. This is when jellyfishes, siphonopores and other similar marine creatures lurk around the water. Sharks, on the other hand, are mostly seen during February as the turtles’ nesting and hatching season attracts them. To get the most of your diving experience, use the guide above to help plan your dive ahead of time. Diving in the right season will ensure that you can experience the coral and marine life at the most opportune times. If you are ready to experience Great Barrier Reef diving, head on to This company is the leading provider of Scuba diving and liveboard packages and tours in Cairns, Australia.
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Dream Destinations: 5 Places to Visit on Your Yachting Holiday in Corsica

Situated on the western side of the Italian Peninsula, Corsica is a stunning destination renowned for its charming blend of breathtaking coastlines, rugged peaks, lush forests, and historical sites. Even though it has been part of France since 1768, the region’s culture and heritage have distinct Italian characteristics. If you find yourself sailing the Mediterranean waters on a yacht charter in Corsica, here are a few places you should visit to make your trip an unforgettable adventure:

yacht charter in Corsica

  • Fra Li Monti, the legendary GR 20 route

Perhaps, the most well known trekking attraction in Corsica, the GR 20 is dubbed as one of the top hiking trails in the world. An advanced, long-distance type of trail, it can be traversed from sea to mountain (mare e monti), or from sea to sea (mare a mare). It will also take you to the highest summit of Corsica: Monte Cinto. Aside from the daring adventure it offers, the trail boasts of photogenic nature views; imagine 180 kilometres of azure skies, steep mountainsides, green meadows, and dense forests. Want to try this rugged, exciting fitness challenge? A yacht charter in Corsica can take you to this thrilling destination.

  • Scandola Nature Reserve, Golfe de Porto

Love animals? This Corsica yacht charter destination is a Natural World Heritage Site teeming with fascinating Corsican flora and fauna, such as cormorants, sea eagles, and seagulls. In addition to the Scandola Nature Reserve, you can venture into the southernmost tip of Golfe de Porto to see Eucalyptus trees, a historical Genovese fort, and a tranquil bay.

  • Musee Fesch and the Napoleon-named streets of Ajaccio

Prepare your walking shoes upon arriving in the warm and attractive cruise port of Ajaccio; this picture-perfect destination is best explored on foot. As the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, it is not uncommon to discover streets named after the prominent military and political leader. Stroll on and enjoy the haute fashion stores and mouthwatering restaurants and patisseries you see along the way.

Go to the shopping district, and you will find the Musee Fesch art museum. Considered as the second most significant French museum, it features Roman Baroque, Italian Primitive, and Neapolitan Baroque art. If history and art are your favorite things, renting a luxury yacht charter in Corsica will take you to this splendid harbor.

  • Cargèse, the old Greek-Orthodox village

Are you an architecture and archaeology aficionado? From Ajaccio, you can take a Corsica Mediterranean yacht charter to the Bay of Sagone, a place that dates as far back as the megalithic period. In this historically rich destination, you can find the ruins of Paomia (the first Greek city), the ancient village of Cargèse, well-preserved castles, and Latin churches.

  • The ancient churches of Calvi

On Corsica’s northwest coast lies Calvi, a town known not only for its alluring beaches and half-moon shaped bay, but also for its old churches and forts. These wonders include the Baroque St. Jean Baptiste Cathedral and the Church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure.

With such a colorful heritage, combined with an interesting wildlife, an active yachting community, and a spectacular landscape, it is no surprise that tourists flock to Corsica to enjoy its many treasures. By booking a yacht charter in Corsica, you can reach all these magnificent destinations on the French Mediterranean with ease and in style. Book one with 212 Yachts today. Visit us at for more details.

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10 Homeware Items Worth Investing On for Home Décor Boost

In an ideal world, you could hire an interior designer and fill your home with all of the beautiful homeware pieces to provide aesthetic symmetry. However, not everyone can afford an interior designer or to buy every piece of homeware accent that would elevate your home’s interior style. This requires every homeowner to be smart about choosing where to invest their money on. Before you head to homewares stores Double Bay has to offer, you need to take note of the items on this list. These are items that would give more mileage to your investment and help you achieve your dream home interior style.

Pendant Lights

Lighting fixtures add a lot of personality into your home. And no one can achieve that better than pendant lights can. There are many style options to choose from – from elegant to rustic. Find the right pendant lighting fixture that reflects your home interior theme for maximum impact.

homewares stores double bay

Wall Art

Aside from lighting, the wall art on your home can show a lot of personality. If you can find artisanal wall art, go for that instead of the mass-produced ones.


Another type of lighting fixture that you can find in double bay homewares stores to add personality to your interior space: lamps. When placed in an entry or a corner in your living area, it can produce a beautiful accent.

Statement Furniture

It can be a statement chair or a unique sofa, look for character when investing in furniture. It can add a lot to the room!


Be careful when choosing the type of fabric on curtains and drapery from homewares stores Double Bay has. Choose ones that add a soft touch or drama for maximum styling result.


When investing in home rugs, choose ones that provide a lot of texture and color. You can go for a patterned rug for more personality. You can find a wide selection of rugs in homewares stores in Double Bay to suit your home’s inerior décor style.


Trays are a great investment as far as homewares are concerned. It can add another layer of interest to any space, particularly in your coffee table.


Scented candles are no longer used solely for aromatherapy. It can impact the mood and fragrance to your home.


The top finishing on your kitchen is a crucial factor that can impact the style of the space. If you can afford marbled tops, go for it. You can also find different colors and patterns that would suit the style you have in mind. But don’t be afraid to invest – it will be worth it!

Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential investment as far as homeware is concerned. It can be a functional and aesthetic addition to your living area. If you can find antique coffee tables, it will add more character to your home’s interior space.

There are a lot of homeware shops out there; however, only few can provide you with quality homeware pieces that will be worth investing in. To help you find homewares stores Double Bay currently has, go to

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Charter Fishing in the Gold Coast – Make it Thoroughly Enjoyable

Australia has such a huge potential in the fishing sector that the Federal Government is keen on using this field to attract tourists to places like the Gold Coast. The region is already a favourite destination among tourists, who use the facilities of charter fishing Gold Coast operators provide to enjoy fishing holidays. This may be mostly from other parts of Australia or at best New Zealand. The tourism department would now like to extend this to the international travellers as well, and promotional campaigns are being launched towards this end. It has even been identified that the Chinese alone could form a major part of the tourist arrivals interested in fishing in the Gold Coast. There are many operators in the area to facilitate the forays into the waters with the latest vessels and experienced crew.


Charter Fishing Gold Coast

Charter Packages Galore

If you have never been to the Gold Coast earlier, you might have to do a lot more research to know how to get there and the types of accommodation you can hope to get there and so on. In fact, you might be keen on finalising the group you intend to travel with. The number of persons in your group will matter when you pick the vessel to go fishing.

Once you are through with the basic arrangements for the trip, you will have to make a fair comparison of the different choices available from the many operators here. You will usually come across the half day and full-day charter fishing Gold Coast packages. Some features may be common to all. These include the timing or duration, the provision of basic fishing tools like rods, bait and tackles. Some basic needs like drinking water and light refreshments may also be offered.

Look for Additional Attractions

Some can add a few more attractions and while many of these could be part of the package price, there’s a possibility a few of the options might be charged separately. For the full-day charter, for example, lunch may have to be carried by you or ordered and paid for. You will need to choose the vessel in terms of its size/carrying capacity.

Get Some More Details Cleared

Besides these provisions, there are also other aspects you would want to know or be clear about while engaging a package for charter fishing Gold Coast operators provide. This includes an experienced captain and support crew to help you and your group while out in the waters, trying to have fun and maybe some serious fishing too. The charter company also offers the options to either take your catch away or allow to let them back into the water. If you carry your catch with you, they will also organise to have them neatly processed and packed for you.

Take All Precautions

There are also preparations you will have to make before taking the trip. Things like carrying the required sunscreen lotion, or if you have issues while travelling in boats, then it would be advisable to carry the required medicines as well.

Going on a holiday in a group for a fishing trip on the Gold Coast could be enormous fun. But to get the best out of the trip, the preparations have to be perfect and thorough. For more details, just visit

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If you are new to traveling to Algarve in Portugal, you must be excited to explore it based on what you’ve heard or read about this popular tourist destination. Indeed, there are plenty of things to see or do in the Algarve coast. Due to the beauty of its waters and beaches, Algarve watersports are among the most popular things to do. But if you are traveling with the entire family, you can try dolphin watching Vilamoura has to offer. This will be an exciting activity for the kids as they might not spot dolphins too often. If you get the chance, make sure to book a dolphin watching tour.

dolphin watching vilamoura

                 dolphin watching vilamoura

Why Go on Dolphin Excursions? There are several reasons to embark on dolphins tours in Albufeira. The Algarve region is the best place to spot dolphins in Portugal. Hence, it is a must when you visit the region. It will be an experience that you won’t get to enjoy anywhere else. To embark on dolphin watching Vilamoura tour, you will board a trip board or private ferry. This type of tour is recommended for families or a large group of friends since the boats are large enough to carry several people. The tour operator will recommend a few top sites ideal for spotting dolphins. This will make it easier to spot because the tour operators know exactly where you can find dolphins. The best thing about dolphin watching Vilamoura has to offer is that there are several varieties of dolphins you could potentially spot. In fact, some of these species are unique to the region, which makes them all the more a must to see! Safety Concerns Just like big game fishing in the Algarve, there is no need to worry about your safety with dolphin watching tours. The tour operators use state of the art facilities and boats to ensure the safety of all passengers when you embark on the tour. The people joining you in the tour are also well trained and highly experienced for this kind of situation. Therefore, they can enable you to get the closest possible view of the dolphins and keep the passengers secure. Check at ALGARVEXCITE In general, dolphins are highly social animals. You therefore need not worry about their behavior as they are naturally gentle, even towards humans. Some dolphins might even interact with humans wherein they will swim next to your boat and perform various exhibitions. They are unfazed by humans and cameras flashing at them. Despite the number of dolphins in the region, they do not normally get too close to the shore. Hence, hiring a private boat for dolphin watching tours is the best way for you to see and get close to a dolphin. There are several companies operating tours and dolphin watching excursions in the Algarve region. Make sure you do your research in an effort to find the most reliable tour operator so you can get the most out of the experience. When you are able to experience the dolphin excursion, you will remember this trip for the rest of your lives.
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