Dream Destinations: 5 Places to Visit on Your Yachting Holiday in Corsica

Situated on the western side of the Italian Peninsula, Corsica is a stunning destination renowned for its charming blend of breathtaking coastlines, rugged peaks, lush forests, and historical sites. Even though it has been part of France since 1768, the region’s culture and heritage have distinct Italian characteristics. If you find yourself sailing the Mediterranean waters on a yacht charter in Corsica, here are a few places you should visit to make your trip an unforgettable adventure:

yacht charter in Corsica

  • Fra Li Monti, the legendary GR 20 route

Perhaps, the most well known trekking attraction in Corsica, the GR 20 is dubbed as one of the top hiking trails in the world. An advanced, long-distance type of trail, it can be traversed from sea to mountain (mare e monti), or from sea to sea (mare a mare). It will also take you to the highest summit of Corsica: Monte Cinto. Aside from the daring adventure it offers, the trail boasts of photogenic nature views; imagine 180 kilometres of azure skies, steep mountainsides, green meadows, and dense forests. Want to try this rugged, exciting fitness challenge? A yacht charter in Corsica can take you to this thrilling destination.

  • Scandola Nature Reserve, Golfe de Porto

Love animals? This Corsica yacht charter destination is a Natural World Heritage Site teeming with fascinating Corsican flora and fauna, such as cormorants, sea eagles, and seagulls. In addition to the Scandola Nature Reserve, you can venture into the southernmost tip of Golfe de Porto to see Eucalyptus trees, a historical Genovese fort, and a tranquil bay.

  • Musee Fesch and the Napoleon-named streets of Ajaccio

Prepare your walking shoes upon arriving in the warm and attractive cruise port of Ajaccio; this picture-perfect destination is best explored on foot. As the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, it is not uncommon to discover streets named after the prominent military and political leader. Stroll on and enjoy the haute fashion stores and mouthwatering restaurants and patisseries you see along the way.

Go to the shopping district, and you will find the Musee Fesch art museum. Considered as the second most significant French museum, it features Roman Baroque, Italian Primitive, and Neapolitan Baroque art. If history and art are your favorite things, renting a luxury yacht charter in Corsica will take you to this splendid harbor.

  • Cargèse, the old Greek-Orthodox village

Are you an architecture and archaeology aficionado? From Ajaccio, you can take a Corsica Mediterranean yacht charter to the Bay of Sagone, a place that dates as far back as the megalithic period. In this historically rich destination, you can find the ruins of Paomia (the first Greek city), the ancient village of Cargèse, well-preserved castles, and Latin churches.

  • The ancient churches of Calvi

On Corsica’s northwest coast lies Calvi, a town known not only for its alluring beaches and half-moon shaped bay, but also for its old churches and forts. These wonders include the Baroque St. Jean Baptiste Cathedral and the Church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure.

With such a colorful heritage, combined with an interesting wildlife, an active yachting community, and a spectacular landscape, it is no surprise that tourists flock to Corsica to enjoy its many treasures. By booking a yacht charter in Corsica, you can reach all these magnificent destinations on the French Mediterranean with ease and in style. Book one with 212 Yachts today. Visit us at https://www.212-yachts.com/corsica-mediterranean-yacht-charter/ for more details.